Angle Eye

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Elegant Angles: ‘Angle Eye’ False Eyelashes.

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Introducing “Angel Eye” False Eyelashes – Illuminate Your Gaze!

Unveil a divine elegance with “Angel Eye” False Eyelashes. Expertly designed to accentuate your eyes, these lashes create a graceful lift at the outer corners, enhancing your natural beauty with a touch of heavenly allure. Whether it’s a daytime glow or an evening enchantment, “Angel Eye” False Eyelashes bestow a radiant charm that’s simply angelic. Elevate your gaze to new heights and let your eyes tell a story of ethereal grace with “Angel Eye” False Eyelashes.


The package does not include the eyelash glue!

This product can be reused multiple times with our eyelash glue.


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